Omni Directional Antenna

HF End Fed Antenna UJM-EFHW-40-10-1kW+ 65 ft long

HF End Fed Antenna UJM-EFHW-40-10-1kW+ 65 ft long
HF End Fed Antenna UJM-EFHW-40-10-1kW+ 65 ft long
HF End Fed Antenna UJM-EFHW-40-10-1kW+ 65 ft long

HF End Fed Antenna UJM-EFHW-40-10-1kW+ 65 ft long    HF End Fed Antenna UJM-EFHW-40-10-1kW+ 65 ft long

PLEASE READ THE FULL LISTING AND ASK ANY QUESTIONS YOU HAVE. After many requests to add a high power capable unit to my end fed half wave arsenal, here it is and they are TALKERS! Now you can use exactly what I use at my QTH. PLEASE LOOK AT ALL PICTURES TO SEE THE DETAILS AND CRAFTSMANSHIP!

This unit is sporting a massive transformer in a 3.5" X 4.5" X 2.25 housing and it provides EXCELLENT efficiency on all HF bands. Transformer is wound with "heavy dipped" 14AWG magnet wire. Unit comes vented as seen and with a transparent lid.

This sale is for a true, 49:1 half wave end fed antenna for 40-10 meters. This antenna is rated at 1000W+ PEP and a conservative 250W digital FT8/CW and is perfect for both portable or permanent installations! I have been working mine very hard at legal limit without issue or ANY excessive warming.

Let me start with a little hard to find honesty. So, I will not lie to you or mislead my customers telling them this antenna will work every band without a tuner. I have seen first hand, what is considered a commercial version of this antenna claim no tuner needed yet when installed just the way recommended we see VSWR's from 2.8:1 to 3.9:1 on some, (not all), major bands advertised for. That is unacceptable and is in no way a no tuner needed antenna. This antenna, when deployed in a decent area without being to close to large objects like houses, buildings etc will indeed have a good SWR but tuning to a 1.1:1 is just always a good idea for your equipment in my opinion. 12m 1.9:1 +. Your millage may vary some as no 2 installations are identical. These specs were tested with antenna as a sloper with the box at 5 feet and the element end at 30 feet. This antenna comes complete at approx 65 feet of stealthy but strong 16AWG MARINE tinned copper stranded insulated wire that will handle well in excess of 1500W. Marine wire is tough, tinned and made for harsh environments. Also comes equipped with a UV dog bone insulator and all Stainless Steel hardware throughout.

The box is sealed with a foam gasket and a very high quality SO-239 connector as well. Antenna is resonant and works; 40,20,15, and 10 meters. With a decent tuner you can also tune 30 and 12 meters and 17 meters as well. I do also have a 40-10 meter version listed for sale and is only 65 feet long.

With a decent tuner you can also tune 30 and 12 meters and 17 meters. You cannot tune 80m on this antenna. That 80-10m version will be in one of my other listings for a few more dollars and is 130 feet long. 80m may tune but efficiency will not be good! One of the great things about this antenna is that the height you mount it will have a smaller affect on SWR than other antenna types.

This gives you a large flexibility in your installation. One huge advantage of these antennas is that they typically have very good "ears" with a low noise floor! As you can see from the picture the antenna box does come with the mounting eye-bolt wired for optional ground. You are not required to but I recommend a good straight earth ground be wired to this lug. That way, any static etc has a quick, straight path to earth.

In other words, direct earth grounding that lug can sligtly decrease your S-meter noise level. NO RF CHOKE NEEDED IN MOST INSTALLATIONS! Most users will find no rf issues and find no rf choke is needed. That said, using a GOOD rf choke is always good ham practice and I do have my own designed choke/s with full choking specifications listed with the one authorized distributor for them. Another advantage of this antenna is the endless ways you can deploy it. I recommend a simple sloper installation and you can mount the box close to the ground 3-6 feet, with your element sloping upwards and outwards from there.

When installed as a sloper you will see fantastic results if you can get the far end of the element up to 25' or more. That being said, you can install this antenna: horizontal, vertical, inverted "L", zigzag and more with very minimal to no changes in tuning. This is a very simple antenna to install and no extra instructions are necessary but if you do have any questions please feel free to ask. Simply secure a cord to the mounting eye-bolt and stretch out your element for your installation and secure it.

Great for ALE HF-link stations, NVIS, MARS, ARES, EMCOMM. Everything I make and send is made by myself, no help allowed and only made as if it were as my own antenna. I feed my family this way and so my customers ALWAYS get the highest level of quality and customer service I can provide. To put it simple, my livelihood depends on it. I also have 9:1 unun Random Wire Matchboxes that are designed to be used with a tuner on all bands with a random length wire as well.

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  • Model: UJM-EFHW-40-10-1kW+
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • Compatible Brand: Universal
  • Band: AM
  • Directivity: Omni-Directional
  • Type: HF Antenna
  • Features: Multi-Directional
  • Compatible Product: Base Station Radio
  • MPN: UJM-EFHW-40-10
  • Frequency Band(s): HF
  • To Fit: Base Station Radio

HF End Fed Antenna UJM-EFHW-40-10-1kW+ 65 ft long    HF End Fed Antenna UJM-EFHW-40-10-1kW+ 65 ft long